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Android SIG under the Software Horizontal Committee

The preliminary charter of the Android SIG is as follows:
    * Improve the functionality,efficiency,robustness of RISC-V supports on Android software stack.
    * Enabling RISC-V based Android device development and make RISC-V Android products a reality in the near future.
    * Liaise with Google and Android community to coordinate the upstream and maintenance affairs.
    * Arrange and coordinate efforts of developers from different entities willing to contribute to the implementation of AOSP on RISC-V.
    * Maintain a stable version AOSP on RISC-V repository for device development.
    * Maintain an up-to-date version AOSP on RISC-V repository for upstream patchwork.
    * Upstream the RISC-V supports patches to the AOSP projects, Linux kernel and external projects; and get them into the chunk.
    * Optimize the system overall performance to competitive level,and provides a fluent user experience.
    * Ensure the entire port is fully compatible with the Android Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) and can pass the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS).
    * Help developing and maintaining AOSP supports for 1~2 RISC-V evaluate boards (available from online shop).
Chair: Mao Han
Vice-Chair: Zheng Zhang

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