Changing meeting time/date #poll-notice

Allen Baum

The tech chairs task group (which, as a chair, I need to go to) has decided to step on our time slot - so we need to pick a new one.
Options that I can see are 
                           mon.    tue.   weds.   thur.   fri
  week 1,3 8am                                      x.      x
  week 1,3 9am.    x.                  x.         x.      x
  week 2,4 8am               x         x.         x.      x
  week 2,4 9am.              x         x.         x.      x

In the poll, please check all answers that work, not just one.
I'd prefer to keep away from Fridays if possible
Moving it one hour later on the same weeks, same day seems the simplest option
I don't know if  polls allows "not preferred" as opposed to yes/no answers, but please answer that if it is possible but not preferred.

Thank you for voting. Results will be available when the poll is closed.