Now you can run LibreOffice on RISC-V

Wei Wu (吴伟)

Hi all,

I am very happy to share this progress with you: LibreOffice is able
to run on RISC-V Linux now! Although tons of bugs and crashes are
expected currently, we successfully created a document and saved it.
It works on RISC-V now!

An initial patchset has been submitted to the LibreOffice upstream:

Based on the patchset, we can build, run, create a new doc file and
save it without crashing. No other tests have been executed yet, and
we are continuously improving the patchset.

The attachments are two snapshots from the patch author.

Reviews, comments, and follow-up patches are welcome! We're looking
forward to collaborating with all of you. :)

- Xuan Chen <chenxuan@...> - the author of the patcheset.
(the message below is written by the patch author)
- Heiher <r@...> and Stephan Bergmann <sbergman@...>
contribute the code of UNO bridge for MIPS64 and AArch64, which I
refer to.
- Bo Yu <tsu.yubo@...> configures gbuild for riscv64.
- WANG Xuerui <xen0n@...> gives lots of guiding tips.
- wjh-la <wujiahuan@...> contributes the code of UNO- bridge
for Loongarch64, which inspired me.

Best wishes,
Wei Wu (吴伟)

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