Confirmation of Paul Elliott as Chair of Security Model TG

Andrew Dellow

I am pleased to announce the confirmation by the TSC of Paul Elliott as the new chair of the security model task group. I am sure you will join me in officially welcoming Paul to the role and that we can look forward to building on the great foundations laid by Manuel and Terry


Paul Elliott is a senior Security and Safety architect at Codasip Labs who has spent his career working in the semiconductor industry. He is a specialist in IoT hardware security, who helped build and went on to lead a new security architecture team at STMicrolectronics.

Following a six year period at Cerberus Security Labs, Paul joined the Codasip team where he is now responsible for the definition of leading edge security and safety features for deployment via the Studio EDA tool



Congratulations Paul !




Andrew Dellow

Chief Security Architect, Device Chipset

Huawei Technologies Research and Development (UK) Limited