Confirming Ian Rogers as the vice-chair of the Managed Runtimes SIG

Philipp Tomsich

I am pleased to announce the selection of Ian Rogers as the new
vice-chair of the Managed Runtimes SIG.

Ian is a Staff Software Engineer at Google, where he is the tech lead
for the ART runtime. His past roles had him work on Hotspot, Jokes
RVM and Rosetta. He is a frequent contributor to the J extensions and
I expect him to act as a bridge between the ISA efforts at the J
extension TG and the software-centric view of the Managed Runtime SIG.

Selecting a new vice-chair was difficult, as we had to choose from a
number of candidates who all had exceptional credentials for the
role—I had wished the Managed Runtimes SIG had openings for 5
vice-chairs and not just one!

Please join me in welcoming Ian and supporting him in his new role,

Philipp Tomsich
Chair, Applications & Tools Software HC