Launching Cloud-V CI platform

Ali Tariq <ali.tariq@...>

Hi all,
I am delighted to announce that here at 10xEngineers (which is a partner of riscv-labs subgroup), we have launched an online CI platform called Cloud-V for testing RISC-V applications. Developers who are working on developing RISC-V applications or porting applications to RISC-V architecture, will be able to test their applications on Cloud-V. Cloud-V supports QEMU (User mode and with RISC-V Linux) and RISC-V hardware boards (hifive visionfive 2 and hifive unleashed) and is integrated with version control systems. We are currently looking for alpha developers who can test and build applications on Cloud-V.
Links you can visit:
Cloud-V page:
Cloud-V Dashboard:
Contact: ali.tariq@...

Ali (10xEngineers)