Security Committee Vice Chair

Andrew Dellow

I am pleased to announce the selection of Ravi Sahita of Rivos Inc., <ravi@...> as the new vice chair of the security horizontal committee. I am sure you will join me in welcoming Ravi to the role and that we can look forward to building on the great foundations laid by Manuel.


Ravi Sahita's focus is on platform security and trust. He is an expert in CPU and platform virtualization, scalable trusted execution environments, and exploit prevention. He designs and develops cpu instruction-set and platform extensions for securing systems and workloads against evolving threats. He has a good understanding of the full system stack including firmware, OS, and hypervisors. In his past work, he has led the definition of confidential computing for cloud servers, exploit detection and prevention capabilities via chipsets, Hardware virtualization-based OS security capabilities, and ISA for hardening SW against fundamental exploits (CFI, HLAT). He is an articulate speaker and technical writer - Ravi has authored many technical papers and standards specifications in industry organizations (RVI, IETF, TCG) and security forums (Usenix, Blackhat, Bsides, Linux Plumbers). Ravi holds 190+ patents, and is a recipient of two Intel Achievement Awards. He is currently working  at Rivos as the Principal MTS (Systems Security Architecture).


Congratulations Ravi !




Andrew Dellow

Chief Security Architect, Device Chipset

Huawei Technologies Research and Development (UK) Limited