Strategic Members: representation on RISC-V TSC

David Weaver

RISC-V Strategic Members,


Last Fall, we were elected to represent you on the RISC-V Technical Steering Committee (TSC) in 2023. 
We are sending this message to you for two reasons:


  • We will of course try to always exercise our best judgement in representing the broader interests of Strategic Members.  But we also wanted to make sure that you know how to directly contact us, should you have specific concerns/requests.  You can always reach your Strategic Member TSC representatives (currently Tiejun Chen and David Weaver) via this email address:
  • In about two weeks, all TSC members will be presenting their input on two topics:
    1. Content of the draft RVA23 Profile [which can be found here]
    2. Priorities for RISC-V in 2023 – what use cases and extensions are most important to us? 
      • What segment, application, and/or use cases are you most interested in?
      • What are the remaining gaps that need to be filled, in order to build solutions based on RISC-V?
      • Do you have any specific extensions you would like to add to future profile releases (and if so, when would you like to see them added)?


è If you have any input to share on either of these questions,
      please send it to us
via tsc-strategic-reps@..., by 22 Feb



      Dave Weaver (Akeana, Inc)

      Tiejun Chen (VMware)