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[riscv-CMOs:master] New Comment on Pull Request #49 New textual form
By a4lg:

As better PR as published as #51, I'll close this.

[riscv/riscv-CMOs] Pull request closed by a4lg:

#49 New textual form

This pull request implements new textual form as proposed by @asb.

Here's some backgrounds (see #47):

  1. Alex Bradbury (@asb) proposed this new textual form and toolchain coordination was ongoing.
  2. Both GNU and LLVM developers seem happy with @asb's new textual form.
  3. Tsukasa OI (@a4lg) ― I ― made two patchsets to implement CBO instructions to GNU Binutils (both textual forms; the original one and proposed one) and Nelson Chu merged new proposed textual form into the main branch. If not reverted, proposed textual form will be a part of the next release of GNU Binutils (would be released later in this year).

If document authors are okay with it, please:

  • Change reference assembler mnemonics as in this pull request
  • Publish updated document as v1.0.x (possibly v1.0.1)

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