Re: First steps

Greg Favor

On Mon, Jul 18, 2022 at 10:38 AM Robert Chyla <Robert.Chyla@...> wrote:

Each of profiles should be then considered as 'set of extensions' (all extensions listed for each profile must be fully supported by implementation).

One small correction:  Each profile covers all ratified extensions (relevant to that profile, e.g. all Supervisor-level extensions for an 'S' profile), and categories each extension in one of four categories (Mandatory, Supported Optional, Unsupported Optional, Incompatible).

So in one sense a profile is a set of ALL relevant ratified extensions.  But from a perspective of which extensions are Mandated by a profile, that of course is a subset of all relevant ratified extensions.  When people have talked about treating profiles like extensions in tech-config insofar as discovery of whether a profile is implemented or not, that has been wrt to the Mandatory subset of the profile.  Any Supported Optional extensions within a profile that are actually implemented by a design would still have to be separately discovered as being implemented.



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