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The Nexus Trace Task Group is responsible for analysis of Nexus IEEE-ISTO 5001™ standard and it's applicability for trace of RISC-V cores. The Nexus standard is well established, silicon proven and extensively documented. It's necessary to define parts of the standard that are applicable to RISC-V trace.

Github repo: contains working documents and reference C code for encoder and decoder.

The following parts of Nexus specification will be addressed:
  • Nexus compatible trace encoding
  • Trace control
  • Trace configuration
  • On-chip and off-chip trace routing
  • Physical trace connector options
This group will not address the debug part of the Nexus standard.
The group’s progress shall be evaluated after 4 months, at which time the charter may be revised if necessary to narrow the scope of effort.

Chair: Robert Chyla
Vice-Chair: Neal Stollon

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