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In the early days of embedded computing there was a technique to load code in Real-Time at the moment it was needed for execution. Back than memory was expensive in all aspects. Similarly, today, IoT devices are very restricted with memory size and power. Due to those requirements, the need arises a need to revive the overlay concept to fit to RISC-V ISA, and use the RISC-V toolchain to support it.


The Software Overlay TG will specify the requirements for the software overlay feature, both from the FW manager  engine and from toolchain aspects, all which will be based on the current RISC-V ISA and extensions.



Full operation software stack to be part of RISC-V toolchain, includes runtime software and toolchain support .

Initial  Roadmap (by Phases)

  1. Gathering specification and requirements: what we wish this feature to contain
  2. Making a generic software requirement to be approved by the TG
  1. Establish a software spec based on the requirements 
  2. Designing RT FW, using RISC-V ISA
  3. Designing Toolchain usage
  4. Write HLD (High level design) for the RT engine
  1. Implementation and LLD (low level design)
  2. Deployment 
  3. Write Test suite

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