Re: Fast-track extension proposal for Resumable Non-Maskable Interrupts (Smrnmi)

Mark Hill

Hi Andrew,


Just one thought, this change introduces a bank of context saving registers that could also be re-used/applied for additional purposes such as a lightweight TEE-OS (where we are looking at supporting primary and secondary m-mode contexts) and/or providing a separate attestable context for the m-mode TCB component in a confidential compute solution. I therefore wonder if a more generic naming scheme would be appropriate (e.g. mpepc for m-mode primary epc),  or perhaps we should “byte the bullet!” and address this requirement by adding a new privilege level (which this change adds most of the state needed to implement).





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Subject: [RISC-V] [tech-privileged] Fast-track extension proposal for Resumable Non-Maskable Interrupts (Smrnmi)



We're submitting for your consideration an extension for resumable non-maskable interrupt (RNMI) support.


You might recall that the current non-maskable interrupt support defined in the M-mode chapter of the priv spec is unresumable (UNMI) when actioned from within M-mode.  While the optional UNMI facility continues to exist, we expect many NMI use cases will move to the RNMI scheme.

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