Re: Question on the new hvip register

John Hauser

Siqi (zhaosiqi3@...) wrote:
Reading through the hypervisor extension v0.6, I noticed the new
register called hvip. The spec says that this register is intended
for the hypervisor to write to indicate pending interrupts for the
VS-mode. However, as how I understood the older version of the
hypervisor extension, this purposed has already been fulfilled by
writing to the vsip register. Why make another register? Am I missing
Also, sorry, failed to notice you said vsip, not hip.

The previous draft of the hypervisor extension, 0.5, never allowed
writing directly to vsip from VS mode, except for vsip.SSIP. Any claim
that it did is a misunderstanding of the intention. But that's history
now; no longer important.


- John Hauser

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