Re: Fast-track extension proposal for H/W PTE A/D updating

Ved Shanbhogue

On Thu, Oct 27, 2022 at 08:07:15AM +0200, Roger Espasa wrote:
I would concur with Scott above. Clarifications to the spec belong in the
spec itself, not inside an extension. If the Architecture Review Committee
suggested otherwise, is it because the clarifications only pertain to the
There were two motivations. One to name the specified behavior
and second to provide a control to select between the two
specified behaviors.

The specification for hardware updating of A/D bits existed
along with the specification for causing a (guest)page fault. Whereas the behavior to cause a page-fault has an extension
name Ssptead, the behavior for hardware updating did not have
an extension name.

Hardware updating behavior is is now named Svadu and the
specification related to Svadu is now associated it. In the
process a few clarifications were added as noted and Svadu
provides the controls to select between the two specified
behaviors for A/D bits.


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