AR (Architecture Review) Committee minutes for 11/15

Greg Favor

We (the AR Committee) will be posting minutes of our (roughly) weekly meetings to discuss ISA issues that have been raised recently to the committee's attention, and to review RISC-V arch extensions that have been submitted for official AR (or for prelim review).  

Last week there was no AR Committee meeting due to some members being out of town.  But the following items of AR business took place over email:

"Minutes" for the week ending 11/15/22
  • IOMMU detailed architecture review.
    • The in-depth review continues - with feedback continuing to be posted as IOMMU GitHub issues - and looks to be nearing in on the final stretch.
  • Further AR feedback on Vector Crypto spec previously submitted for arch review.
    • About nine or so current deficiencies in the exact instruction definitions (aka pseudo-code) were provided as examples of the general point that the spec - before it can be officially Frozen - needs to be a complete and standalone spec of the arch extension (e.g. without external dependencies on other documents or reference models to provide detailed instruction definitions).  The TG acknowledged that they were still working on completing the spec and are looking to complete it soon.  A final and complete spec will be submitted for final AR - which hopefully should proceed fairly smoothly at this point.

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