Question about supervisor interrupt in M mode

Oscar Jupp

Dear architect, 
Priv spec section write: 
When a hart is executing in privilege mode x, interrupts are globally enabled when xIE=1 and globally disabled when xIE=0. Interrupts for lower-privilege modes, w<x are always globally disabled regardless of the setting of any global wIE bit for the lower-privilege mode."

So I think when a hart is executing in M mode, supervisor timer interrupt is disabled.

However, Priv spec section 3.1.8 write: 
For example, if the supervisor timer interrupt (STI) is delegated to S-mode by setting mideleg[5], STIs  will not be taken when executing in M-mode. By contrast, if mideleg[5] is clear, STIs can be taken  in any mode and regardless of current mode will transfer control to M-mode.

Is it contradictory.

Oscar Jupp

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