ARC (Architecture Review Committee) minutes for the week of 1/24/23

Greg Favor

  • Zicond (fast-track):
    • Final encodings were approved.
    • PR's are being created to provide selected edits to the extension description and to move the DVI text from non-normative to normative text.
    • The instruction usage examples are requested to be moved to after the individual instruction definitions.

  • IOMMU:
    • PRs have been created to provide more feedback, most notably regarding not equating Bare translation mode to disabling translation, and not saying that stage 2 translation mode = Bare, bypasses MSI conversion.  These ideas instead should be expressed differently (as described in the PRs).
    • The spec is very close to ready for final approval; the ARC awaits an updated final draft with these last modifications incorporated.

  • Vector Crypto:
    • Further items of feedback were discussed and two items were fed back to the TG chairs for incorporation into the spec.
    • The ARC awaits an updated final draft with which to hopefully complete arch review.

  • AIA:
    • A late-recognized virtualization issue was discussed - with agreement on an acceptable, simple, low-cost, backward-compatible adjustment to the AIA spec.  (This involves a specific "interrupt virtualization by M-mode" scenario that is not expected to be relevant to common or even most AIA use cases.)
    • This has been described in detail on the AIA email list.
    • This requires a two-week RVI-internal review cycle of this change to occur - which has been initiated on the AIA email list.

  • Ssecorrupt (fast-track):
    • Arch review was completed and this extension is approved by the ARC.

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