Re: Proposal: Supervisor Timer CSR and Virtual Supervisor Timer CSR

John Hauser

zhaosiqi (Siqi) wrote:
BTW, we have learned recently that there is an on-going work on an
improved version of the PLIC which is virtualization-aware, is there
any documents available?
There is an informal group that is working on a proposal for a RISC-V
"Advanced Interrupt Architecture", which includes replacements for
the current PLIC. No document is available yet because the group's
proposal isn't complete yet; the document is still being written. As
soon as the authors are satisfied with it, the proposal will be shared
with everyone so it can begin receiving wider evaluation and feedback.
I expect that will happen around the end of 2020 or early in 2021.

(Yes, I know, everybody wants it to be sooner. It's already being done
as fast as time allows.)


- John Hauser

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