Re: rv(64) address space size


this would take some time.  but to begin

separating kernel from user,  provides both the first level of isolation.  this can be further used for

.hypervisor isolation
trojan horse pointers protection

i attached one snapshot from the kalsr paper and also  mark hills presentation on spectre and meltdown

KALSR does NOT solver the world’s security problems.  it is only the beginning. 

and within the context if rv64 (maybe rv47)  this helps, aand their suggestions maybe more adoptable within the current definitional framework

if you have questions on the paper,  for particular issues,  please post them

imho,  perhaps not not for sv57,  but for sv64,  we incorporate some of the suggestions
  of the KASLR people.  there are linux versions that implement their suggestions.  perhaps only for sv64.

Could you clarify what suggestions you think we should implement? The KAISER paper describes a way of mitigating side channel attacks, but do you have specific lessons you think we should learn from it for designing sv64?

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