Re: rv(64) address space size


thank you for your comment

1.  for  now, i am only proposing  the addition of the ARM extensions to  sv57. the reason being that current linux, for ARM,  can function with this extension

2. for sv64,  i would propose a more thorough,  both analysis and extension, for security.  it is unclear to me how this would function within the riscv privileged working group.

3. i am NOT  adverse to adding other security extensions to sv57.  i just want to make sure the ARM extension is specified

i  hope this clarifies my views


I'm trying to understand from your comments what ISA-related changes do you propose for Sv57/Sv64 other than the address space extension, the only comment I got is the TTBR0/1 split on ARM/ARM64. Also I don't see why Sv57/Sv64 should be treated differently security-wise, could you please clarify ?

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