Re: [Announcement] Successful KVM RISC-V bring up on FPGA (Rocket core with H extension)



can we send something out to tech-announce about it?

sent from a mobile device. please forgive any typos.

On Feb 2, 2021, at 12:40 AM, Atish Patra <atish.patra@...> wrote:

We are glad to announce that we are able to boot Linux in KVM guest on
a FPGA (Rocket chip + H extension v0.6.1). We now have three
hypervisors working on a Hardware with H extension.

1. KVM [1]
2. Xvisor [2]
3. Bao [3]

KVM bring up was done using Firesim and the detailed instructions will
be available very soon. Here are the software versions used for
bringup. Please find the attached boot log.

OpenSBI: v0.9
Linux kernel: 5.11-rc5 + KVM patches(v16) + few kernel fixes [4].
Kvmtool: Upstream + RISC-V KVMTOOL patches (v6) [5]

We would like to thank Sandro & Jose who implemented the H extension.
The Rocket-H design is available as a AFI image to be used within
Firesim or a stand alone FPGA board.

We would also like to thank Andrew/John/Greg & others for defining such
a clean specification as we did not discover any significant issues
while doing the bring up. As there are no changes proposed to the H
extension in the last year, we believe the current version of the H
extension can be considered as a freeze candidate. Please let us know
if that is not the case.




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