Re: Hypervisor interrupt enables

Jonathan Behrens <behrensj@...>

On Tue, Mar 9, 2021 at 5:30 PM Allen Baum via <> wrote:
This is a stupid question: if VS mode is enabled - can a core ever be in Umode, or must it be in VU mode?
IF the answer is: when virtualization is on, the core cannot be in S mode or U mode, but only in VS and modes (and M...) then the question is moot.

What does "VS mode is enabled" mean? If you are referring to misa.H=1, then yes a core can be in U-mode while VS-mode is enabled. However, if by VS-mode enabled you mean V=1 (recalling that V stands for the current virtualization mode) then it isn't possible because the only modes allowed when V=1 are VU-mode and VS-mode.


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