Re: [RISC-V] [tech-tee] [RISC-V] [tech-privileged] Proposed deprecation of N extension

Greg Favor

On Sat, Jun 5, 2021 at 7:36 PM Gernot <gernot.heiser@...> wrote:
On 6 Jun 2021, at 12:22, Jonathan Behrens <behrensj@...> wrote:
Wouldn't you also want to isolate different interrupt handlers from each other and from any non-interrupt handler user code running on the system? With the N-extension itself none of that would be possible. In fact, I suspect that a lot of the performance that you might get out of the N-extension specifically comes from running all that code in the same privilege domain.
OK, if that’s the case then it is of pretty limited use indeed.

Can I just observe and complain a little that Gernot has been arguing for the N extension - but apparently doesn't know squat about its details.  Questioning is fine, but the last thing we need are people strongly arguing for arch features without having an underlying reasonable technical basis or understanding. 

Ok, I'm done venting.  I've already wasted time on this. :)



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