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Agreed and many thanks to rivos.

I think Philipp and Greg as chairs of SW and Priv are discussing the best way/place to create this SIG. remember that we are matrixed and at least these two committees will have a large involvement but I expect both security and SOC infrastructure to as well.

I will also note that since we have not had an IOMMU spec  there are a number  of custom ones out there both released and under development. As we start this SIG we will reach out to all of the tech community to let them know about this work.

This is in Krste's and my top priority list of things we know of which is heading to a TSC discussion next Wednesday.

We need to make sure that specs we are working right now to ratify this year don't lose resources to this effort.


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This is really awesome !!!

The proposed IOMMU specification is quite feature rich and at-par with IOMMUs found on other major architectures.

This will certainly be a big addition to the collection of specifications owned by RISC-V International.

I would suggest to have a dedicated IOMMU SIG formed for taking the proposed IOMMU specification forward.

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Hello all,

In case you missed it we have an IOMMU proposal from Rivos:

The link is now on our wiki with the rest:


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