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I agree.

We are a community and the best solutions are jointly developed with community buy-in.

A similar thing occurred with graphics and shading. We had them step and back and develop a strategy with an eye to what it will take for a member to be successful in this area including gaps and prioritization of filling those gaps.I suggest we do the same here. In order to get TSC to approve a new TG, we will need to present them the whole picture and how this fits into it. We will require the same for IOMMU.

That being said, I am grateful that this topic is now getting attention.


On Fri, Oct 1, 2021 at 2:20 PM John Hauser <jh.riscv@...> wrote:
Nick Kossifidis wrote:
> In case you missed it we have an IOMMU proposal from Rivos:

Thanks for sharing this, Nick.  I support the long-term efforts
to develop a standard RISC-V I/O MMU, but I must raise one serious
complaint at this time:

The status of this document needs to be made clear up front.  To the
best of my knowledge, this is not an official working document of
RISC-V International but rather a proposal privately drafted by Rivos.
As it stands, many readers may easily be misled into believing this
is an official RISC-V draft.  The effect is to give the impression---
however unintentionally---that Rivos is claiming for itself the
authority to speak for RISC-V International.  I advise everyone to
please be very careful to avoid this mistake.

Not long ago, I was in a similar position when I wrote the original
proposal for what is currently the working draft for the RISC-V
Advanced Interrupt Architecture (AIA).  However, that document
was clear exactly who the authors were (myself, Greg Favor, David
Kruckemyer, and Andrew Waterman), and it contained this warning in bold
at the start of every chapter:

    Warning!  This draft proposal is incomplete and has not been
    officially endorsed or accepted by the RISC-V International

An official RISC-V SIG eventually was formed to pursue the AIA, and
the question was put to this SIG whether or not to accept the proposal
by us four authors as a working draft.  Only then, after there were no
objections, was our private proposal elevated to the status of a draft
document of RISC-V International.


    - John Hauser

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