Re: IOMMU proposal on wiki

Ved Shanbhogue

On 10/4/21 9:05 AM, mark wrote:
A similar thing occurred with graphics and shading. We had them step and back and develop a strategy with an eye to what it will take for a member to be successful in this area including gaps and prioritization of filling those gaps.I suggest we do the same here. In order to get TSC to approve a new TG, we will need to present them the whole picture and how this fits into it. We will require the same for IOMMU.
That being said, I am grateful that this topic is now getting attention.
Thank you Mark. We started the discussion at Nick's memory safety SIG to present the proposal to start the collaboration with goal of working out the whole picture for the IOMMU and bring a recommendation to the TSC. Please let us know if the memory safety SIG is the right place to continue this discussion.

On Fri, Oct 1, 2021 at 2:20 PM John Hauser <jh.riscv@...     Warning!  This draft proposal is incomplete and has not been
    officially endorsed or accepted by the RISC-V International
An official RISC-V SIG eventually was formed to pursue the AIA, and
the question was put to this SIG whether or not to accept the proposal
by us four authors as a working draft.  Only then, after there were no
objections, was our private proposal elevated to the status of a draft
document of RISC-V International.
Thanks John for pointing out the convention. I am still new to the community and was not aware of this. The goal bringing the proposal to the memory safety SIG was to start this discussion. The document has been updated with the disclaimer you suggested.


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