RISC-V H-Extension Nested MMU Test-suite

Anup Patel

Hi All,

We now have a simple Nested MMU (i.e. Two-stage MMU) test-suite
available as part of Xvisor white-box testing framework. This test-suite
runs in HS-mode and does nested MMU testing using the HSV/HLV
instructions. This means Nested MMU (i.e. Two-stage MMU) testing
is achieved without creating any Guest/VM on Xvisor.

To run the Xvisor nested MMU test-suite we only need OpenSBI
firmware and Xvisor binary. Currently, Xvisor nested MMU test-suite
works on both QEMU and Spike.

Refer following READMEs to try Xvisor nested MMU test-suite:

In future, the Xvisor Nested MMU test-suite will also help in
implementing nested hypervisors.