AR meeting minutes 1/17/2023

Krste Asanovic

AR Minutes 1/17/2023

Topics covered in the AR meeting:

- Fast interrupts:  It was noted that one of the CLIC CSRs had
     been changed to be read-only, but that the new address was
     poorly chosen given other anticipated CSR uses.  A github issue will
     be posted for this.

- IOMMU: No new substantive issues have emerged, but the AR committee
 would like to read over spec changes one more time, with the goal of
 having AR vote next week.

- Vector Crypto and Element Groups (EG): It was discussed how to
 handle ratification of the EG proposal on which vector crypto
 depends.  The EG document does not add or change any functionality
 in the base RVV 1.0 vector spec. The proposal is to include the EG
 document in the ratification package along with vector crypto.  The
 EG doc will be folded into the vector base spec in future ISA

- RAS interrupt numbers:  Brief discussion that AR still feels that it
 is premature to assign numbers for RAS interrupt numbers until the
 hardware that drives the interrupts is defined.