Architecture Review Committee meeting minutes, 12/20

Andrew Waterman


- AR plans to write a spec-writing guide in early 2023.
- No AR meeting next week.


- Discussed PLIC public review feedback. Removing references to H mode is
correct. Furthermore, references to U-mode interrupts should be purged,
since there is no ratified U-mode interrupt support. We recommend adding
a non-normative note explaining that the PLIC spec _could_ be generalized
to support U-mode interrupts at a later date, to obviate questions on
the subject.

Vector crypto

- Starting our final review, with aim to complete in early January.

Pointer masking

- Discussed feedback recently provided directly to the TG about the most
recent spec revision. Waiting for TG's response.


- We brainstormed about what features should drive the next major
profile release. No firm conclusions yet.