Proposed CMO TG Charter

David Kruckemyer

Hi all,

Andy and I would like to propose the following charter for the CMO TG for approval:

The Cache Maintenance Operation, or CMO, task group intends to define data cache maintenance operations for the RISC-V architecture, providing support for use-cases such as software-managed cache coherence, power management, persistent storage, security, and RAS. In the process, a data cache model will be developed, and the interactions of CMOs with the memory ordering model will be specified. In addition, the CMO specification will attempt to minimize the requirements on system design and will not prescribe a specific cache state model or cache coherence protocol. The CMO TG will coordinate with other RISC-V committees and task groups and with external parties to ensure consistency and interoperability with respect to any cache-related features and extensions.

Additional details on exact scope, goals, and roadmap will be outlined in a TG document that will be publicly available on GitHub. Please let us know if anyone has any questions or concerns.