Re: [tech-aia] RISC-V ACLINT specification is now hosted on RISC-V GitHub

Greg Favor

On Fri, Jul 16, 2021 at 10:32 PM Greg Favor via <> wrote:
In essence, is RV64 going to effectively outlaw ready use of common 32-bit "utility" AMBA bus standards in RV64 systems (especially since there will be a growing number of 64-bit memory-mapped registers defined by extensions this year and going forward)?

Lastly, before I shut up, ...

A key point in all this is that memory-mapped registers like MTIME/MTIMECMP will be very uncommon.  Most registers, even if logically defined as 64 bits wide, can be readily accessed by software using one or a pair of 32-bit accesses.

Especially since those 64-bit registers can only be accessed using 32-bit accesses in RV32 systems, arch definitions of such registers will be motivated to avoid causing complications for RV32 systems where at all possible.



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