Re: Proposal v2: SBI PMU Extension

Zong Li

On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 1:06 AM Brian Grayson <brian.grayson@...> wrote:

Would there be a raw style interface to access all the SBI-unaware events, like perf's rNNN support?
Follow this question, in our current proposal, s-mode software only
knows the event_idx, and m-mode firmware takes care of the mapping, my
question is that s-mode software doesn't seem to understand the
meaning of each event_idx, that means, it just get the array of all
supported event_idx, but couldn't know which one is for what. This
also happened on u-mode program, for rNNN interface, normally, we
should refer to the processor specific documentation for getting these
details, and now, users won't know what value they should give. Please
correct me if I miss something. Thanks.

How would this work on a multicore system -- would the SBI calls only handle the current hart's counters? That seems easiest to deal with.


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