[PATCH v2] Update UEFI requirements for servers.

Sunil V L

As per feedback, reduced basic UEFI requirements to 2.6.1 of the
UEFI spec.

Added reason to understand why additional protocols need to be
supported on top of basic requirements.

Signed-off-by: Sunil V L <sunilvl@...>
riscv-platform-spec.adoc | 16 +++++-----------
1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)

diff --git a/riscv-platform-spec.adoc b/riscv-platform-spec.adoc
index e6e1c2c..b2388db 100644
--- a/riscv-platform-spec.adoc
+++ b/riscv-platform-spec.adoc
@@ -678,13 +678,9 @@ interrupt files allow for better VM oversubscription on the same hart.
==== Boot Process
===== Firmware
The boot and system firmware for the server platforms must support UEFI as
-defined in the section 2.6 of the UEFI Specification <<spec_uefi>> with some
+defined in the section 2.6.1 of the UEFI Specification <<spec_uefi>> with some
additional requirements described in following sub-sections.

-====== PCIe support
-The platforms are required to implement *EFI_PCI_ROOT_BRIDGE_IO_PROTOCOL* and
-other protocols as specified in Chapter 14 of <<spec_uefi>>.
====== UEFI Configuration Tables
The platforms are required to provide following tables:

@@ -693,16 +689,14 @@ newer with HW-Reduced ACPI model.
* *SMBIOS3_TABLE_GUID* SMBIOS table which conforms to version 3.4 or later.

====== UEFI Protocol Support
-The UEFI protocols listed below are required to be implemented in addition to
-the base spec requirements.
+The UEFI protocols listed below are required to be implemented.

-.Required UEFI Protocols
+.Additional UEFI Protocols
[cols="3,1,1", width=95%, align="center", options="header"]
|Protocol | UEFI Section | Note
+|EFI_PCI_IO_PROTOCOL | 14.4 | For PCIe support

===== Hardware Discovery Mechanisms

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