Re: [PATCH 1/2] Remove the machine mode requirements


On Thu, 2021-11-04 at 10:21 -0500, Ved Shanbhogue wrote:
On Thu, Nov 04, 2021 at 02:51:23PM +0000, Atish Patra wrote:
On Sun, 2021-10-31 at 14:56 -0500, Vedvyas Shanbhogue wrote:

3. Section and secttion - requirements on M-
   "One or more ACLINT MSWI devices are required to support M-
Same explanation as above. MSWI devices are required only if M-mode
interrupt is required.

We probably can add more clarification around this text to avoid the
confusion so that there are some guidance on MMIO devices for systems
with M-mode.
Agree that adding a clarification that these are "required" only if
supporting SW interrupts or other interrupts to M-mode is supported.
Else the specification reads as if these are always required.
Sure. I will update the patch.

   - "Handle misaligned load and store" - should this be optional
     not required. The server extension (section
     hardware support for mislaligned accesses.
This is required for base only.
Could that be clarified. Presently there is only one section for
runtime services and it does not make a distinction between base and

This was added to make sure that supervisor mode software can
to work for the platforms that did not implements certain CSRs in
hardware. Some of the CSRs that can I think of

2. CMOs (to support Alwinner D1 & beagleV)
3. HTIMEDELTA (if H extension is present)
I dont think the architecture implements CMO CSRs. Perhaps these are
custom CSRs?
I was talking about the CMO (cache management operations) CSRs.
Here are the details.

I feel the requirements could be stated differently. We could list all
CSRs that supervisor mode software requires to be present. Then a
platform may choose to emulate them or implement them in hardware.
Otherwise this requirement to emulate missing CSRs is puzzling because
as a silicon designer or a M-mode firmware designer one is left
wondering what emulations should be implemented.

On a second thought, we can remove the entire "Required features of
M-Mode runtime also include:" section as M-mode is no longer
Agree. That would address the above as well.
ok. I am going to remove the M-mode runtime requirement section.
All of them are implicit anyways.

SBI interface is mandatory. Thus, the M-mode runtime must at least
implement SBI v0.3 with specific extensions.

This list of SBI extensions for server extension will change along
major changes of removing the extension concept and renaming the base
spec to OS-A embedded.

For the server extension, only the following SBI extension will be

Thanks. That makes sense.

5. Section
   The note and the associated implementation note about providing
   mechanism controlled by M-mode software could be removed since
   there is a more general note in the security section added by
patch 2
   of this set about protecting M-mode assets from I/O agents.
Sure. May be we can include the PCIe snippet in the general note as

Additionally, I am thinking moving the implementation note to the new
security section would provide more clarity about the requirement
allowing alternate implementation. Any thoughts ?
That sounds good to me.


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