Re: MTIME update frequency

Ved Shanbhogue

On Tue, Nov 16, 2021 at 12:49:11PM -0500, Jonathan Behrens wrote:
Adding more configuration options increases complexity. Under the current
draft, if software wants an interrupt 1ms in the future it can set mtimecmp
to the value of mtime plus 100,000. If we make the resolution of mtime vary
I hope I am reading the right current draft. The current draft states:
"The ACLINT MTIME update frequency (i.e. hardware clock) must be between 10 MHz and 100 MHz, and updates must be strictly monotonic."

So a value of 100,000 could mean a delay between 100ms to 1 ms. So per current draft it would be wrong for software to assume 100,000 implies 1ms.

between systems, then we have to do a bunch more specification and
implementation work to pipe that information around. Based on Greg's
message it sounds like that may be happening, but I also see the appeal of
just picking the extremely simple option that works well enough for
everyone's case (even if it isn't some people's top pick)
An enumeration of MTIME frequency is needed per current draft. I beleive the device-tree binding for RISC-V uses the timebase-frequency property under the cpus node.
Is further specification needed?


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