SBI specification status update


The RISC-V international has recently established a ratification policy[1] for non-ISA specification as well. All of the non-ISA specifications (e.g SBI, psABI, ACLINT) will have to go through the process in order to get ratified. The SBI specification has already got the DoD sign off and is currently undergoing the voting process to get a signoff from all the chairs. The plan can be found here [2]. The specification will be considered frozen and sent to public review after the voting period is over [3].

In order to accommodate the new versioning policy[4], the current SBI specification is also tagged as v1.0-rc1[5]. There are no functional changes from v0.3 which was released earlier this year before the non-ISA specification policy is in place. The frozen version will be at v1.0-rc1 and the ratified version will be at version v1.0. The future version of the specification will continue to evolve with minor/major version upgrades as per versioning policy.

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