Re: Volunteers to improve platform definitions/terms

Kumar Sankaran

Recommended is an indicator for the platform software and hardware vendors that the particular feature is recommended in this version of the spec while the next version of the spec might make this particular feature MANDATORY.

So Recommended provides the needed guidance to implementors to bring in support for that feature in the current version of their product or in the next version of their product.

We have tried not to use “Optional” anywhere in the spec, since that would not provide any guidance for future products.


Hope that’s clear.




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IS the word "Recommended" a slightly stronger form of "Optional" (which I don't see at all)?


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Hi All,

As we discussed during the platform HSC meeting yesterday (Nov 29, 2021), we are calling on volunteers to own and drive the improvement of the definitions/terms used in the platform spec. Please feel free to respond to this list if you volunteer to own some of the content improvement.

The suggested list of items is below. We reviewed this during our meeting yesterday.

·       Platform Spec

o   Scope

o   Target Audience

o   Definitions of terms used




§  Rationale

§  Application Notes

o   Release Cadence

o   Naming and Versioning

o   Life Cycle

o   Errata

·       Platform

o   What is a platform?

§  What is a platform-compatible implementation?

1.      For e.g. real motherboard, emulation, simulator like QEMU

§  What is platform-compatible software?

§  Picture/Diagram showing this

o   Explanation of the interoperability guarantees between an implementation and software

o   Dependencies between platforms if any

o   Performance assumptions

o   Branding


·       Definitions of OS-A Embedded, OS-A Server and M Platforms

o   Scope

o   Example products that fall into each category




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