Re: Platform specification questions

Ved Shanbhogue

Hi Anup
On Mon, Dec 13, 2021 at 09:25:43AM +0530, Anup Patel wrote:

"Software interrupts for M-mode, HS-mode and VS-mode are supported using AIA IMSIC devices". Is the term "software interrupt" here intended to be the minor identities 3, 1, and 2? If so please clarify what the support in IMSIC is expected to be for these minor identities.
I think the confusion here is because the RISC-V platform
specification uses the term "software interrupt" for both
"inter-processor interrupt" and "minor identities 3, 1, and 2". I
suggest using the term "inter-processor interrupt" at most places and
only use the term "software interrupt" in-context of ACLINT MSWI or
SSWI devices.
Yes, that was my conclusion that "software interrupt" here was used to mean an IPI. I think clearing this up would be helpful.

Is supporting SBI TIME optional if the server extension is supported as server extension requires Sstc? Is supporting SBI IPI optional if AiA IMSIC is supported?
I agree, this text needs to be improved because now Base and Server
are separate platforms. Since, the Server platform mandates IMSIC and
Priv Sstc extension so SBI TIME, IPI and RFENCE can be optional but
this is not true for the Base platform.
Yes, however the Server is additived to the base as written. Even for base, if Sstc and IMSIC are supported then SBI TIME, IPI, and RFENCE can be optional.


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