Re: Public review of Supervisor Binary Interface (SBI) Specification


On Thu, Jan 20, 2022 at 6:23 PM <merlew4n6@...> wrote:

3.4. Function: Probe SBI extension (FID #3)
struct sbiret sbi_probe_extension(long extension_id);
Returns 0 if the given SBI extension ID (EID) is not available, or an extension-specific non-zero
value if it is available.

Do we need to add more fine-grained detection to check if a certain funcid is available
That won't be required as the specification clearly states that

"SBI extensions as whole are optional but they shall not be partially
implemented. If sbi_probe_extension() signals that an extension is
available, all functions present in the SBI version reported by
sbi_get_spec_version() must conform to that version of the SBI

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