Re: Mandating of RVA22 S and U ISA Profiles in OS-A platform specs

Darius Rad

On Sat, Jan 22, 2022 at 12:15:01PM -0800, Greg Favor wrote:

Recently a PR was sent out to remove U and VU mode standardization from the
platform spec scope. Which is sort of right and sort of wrong.
Could you explain in what way you think it is wrong?

I brought this issue up with Krste and Andrew (especially since this also
relates with the coming RVA Profiles). In short, after significant
discussion, the following can be said:

- Support for the RVA22S64 profile does not directly also require
support for the RVA22U64 profile. Although it does require support for

- BUT, for example, all mandatory ISA extensions in the 'S' profile that
are also in the 'U' profile must be supported not only in S-mode but also
in U-mode. This only excludes ISA extensions that are not relevant to
U-mode, e.g. the Sstc extension. Largely, if not completely, this amounts
to all Unpriv ISA extensions that are required to be supported in S-mode
are also required to be supported in U-mode. The Profile specs will
precisely spell out this and the related matter of "optional supported"

- The OS-A platforms should only mandate the RVA22S64 profile (and not
the RVA22U64 profile as well). U/VU-mode platform requirements will
flow from or be indirectly inherited via the RVA22S64
profile requirement.

So I suggest that the change to the platform spec should be something like:

*The current version of this platform spec targets the standardization of
functionality available in S and VS modes (plus the support for U/VU-modes,
and the support for ISA extensions in U/VU modes, as implied by the RVA 'S'
ISA Profile that is mandated by this spec), and the standardization of the
SBI (....).*
I disagree; I think the parenthetical comment is unnecessary in the
normative text.

The first portion is explicit in the privileged specification, and the
second portion, and noted, is implied by the extensions mandated for S
mode. Adding this comment as normative text muddies the scope of the
specification: it is standardizing the S-mode interface only. Period.

// darius

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