Possible progress on M Platform?

Chris Owen

Hi all,

I lead the CPU software / SDK team at Imagination Technologies, we are entering the RISC-V space but I'm still quite new around here.

At present we are most interested in embedded applications and I am particularly interested in standardising platform aspects in this area.  For example, a Hardware Adaption Layer for bare-metal apps.  I realise, though, that the M platform is rather on hold and all the focus is on OS-A.

Is this the only mailing list for the Platforms HSC?  Or is there another one which could be used for discussions around the M platform?  I realise the title for this list says its for unix-class, but I didn't see any other...

I was just wondering if we could start progressing M platform in parallel with OS-A.  My team and I are ready and willing to engage in this area.  I believe people like SiFive and AliBaba have done lots of work in this area and it would be great to bring them together and standardise rather than allowing things to fragment further.

Thanks for any help and advice,
Chris Owen

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