Re: Watchdog timer per hart?

Greg Favor

On Mon, Feb 28, 2022 at 6:18 PM James Robinson <jrobinson@...> wrote:

Is it expected that there should be a watchdog timer and timeout signal per hart in the system, or is okay for there to be one timer in the system and for the timeout signal to be delivered to a specific hart?

For now (this year) RVI is focusing on standardizing an initial OS-A SEE (Supervisor Execution Environment) and an OS-A Platform standardizing Supervisor and User level functionality, i.e. not Machine-level functionality.  While that doesn't rule out incorporating some form of Supervisor-level watchdog standardization into these specs, I think (?) the current thoughts are not focused on doing so.

FYI - Last year there was an initial proposal for standard hardware watchdog functionality, and then later a proposal instead for an SBI API (e.g. a call to tickle the supervisor watchdog, and a callback on a first-stage timeout).

But certainly speak up with your own arguments or justifications for having and standardizing supervisor watchdog functionality.  (Note: ARM SBSA - for server and high-end embedded class systems - defined and required the equivalent of S-mode (aka Non-Secure) and M-mode (aka Secure) two-stage watchdog functionality.)

Aaron (acting chair of the OS-A SEE TG) and others in the OS-A SEE group, what do you think?  Should some form of support for Supervisor software tickling a watchdog through some form of standardized hardware (e.g. memory-mapped registers) or software (e.g. SBI) interface be included in the OS-A SEE spec?


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