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Hi All,
The doodle poll indicates that the 8AM PDT Wednesday is the most preferred slot. This will probably conflict with hypervisor SIG meetings once in a while. We will reschedule that meeting whenever required.
I will schedule the first PRS meeting for tomorrow at 8AM PDT. This is probably a short notice but I want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible and avoid more conflicts.

I will send the agenda and meeting links in a separate email. We are very excited to get started!

On Thu, Sep 1, 2022 at 11:45 AM Atish Kumar Patra <atishp@...> wrote:

Hi All,

We are pleased to announce the early formation of Platform Runtime Services(PRS) Task Group with Atish Patra from Rivos as the acting chair and Sunil VL from ventana as the acting vice chair.
The PRS TG will drive various runtime services specifications i.e. SBI, UEFI & ACPI in RISC-V.

The TG details, including the charter can be found at

The community page:
Mailing list address : tech-prs@...
Github Repo :

We encourage you to participate in the PRS TG. Please “Join This Group” by clicking the blue button on the bottom of the community page:
Please review the charter if you are interested and let us know your feedback.

We are planning to have biweekly meetings to discuss various ACPI ECRs and SBI improvement proposals first.

Here is a doodle poll for the least conflicting time slots for the zoom meeting.

Please select your preferred slots by Tuesday(6th Sep). We will schedule the meeting as per the majority preference.

Here are some of the SBI & ACPI proposals that need to be discussed (not necessarily in this order).


  • Debug Console SBI extension
  • Steal time accounting
  • AP-TEE SBI extension
  • Attestation SBI extension
  • SBI PMU improvements (including snapshot)
  • SBI debug extension

  • RHCT
We don't have any proposals in flight right now.

Atish, Sunil

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