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Anup Patel

Hi Andrei,

On Mon, Oct 10, 2022 at 10:42 PM Andrei Warkentin
<andrei.warkentin@...> wrote:

Dear all,

I just wanted to introduce myself and say ‘hi’. I recently joined the Intel SSE group as an engineer focusing on RISC-V standardization (in particular with an interest in collaborating on the OS-A spec, and its touchpoints with SBI, UEFI, ACPI, etc). Some of you may remember me in my past life participating in a similar vein in SystemReady activities. I’m excited to be here and look forward to a fruitful collaboration. I think it’s amazing how much has been accomplished in such a short amount of time. Kudos!
We now have a separate PRS TG (Platform Runtime Services) for yearly
updates to SBI, UEFI, and ACPI specification.


I poked around the mailing list server but wasn’t able to find a clear answer… Does this group have any kind of periodical group sync-ups I should add to my calendar?


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