Re: OS-A SEE Meeting Monday Feb 13 @ 9am PT

Andrei Warkentin

Hi Aaron,


Sorry, I missed the memo and then also failed to check the calendar… In general, Monday works great for me.


I can travel to focus on fleshing out the spec, as we are quite interested in making significant progress on the common firmware and (subsequently) platform specs.




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OK. This meeting had very sparse attendance. We closed early. Original agenda here:


Two items I'd like to get feedback on:


1. Can people travel for in-person meetings to focus on fleshing out this spec? If so, what are the restrictions? Ideally we'd like to accommodate the most people possible.

2. As noted in my original email, I have a standing meeting on Tues at 9am PT that I need to attend. Therefore, the old time slot does not work for me. What do other peoples' schedules look like? I have Darius's and Drew's availability.


Thank you for helping out on these 2 matters.




On Fri, Feb 10, 2023 at 8:57 PM Aaron Durbin <adurbin@...> wrote:

Hi All,


The OS-A SEE meeting will be Monday Feb 13 @ 9am PT. I now have a standing conflict on  Tuesdays so I'll need to move these to Mondays all the time or we have to come up w/ a different time slot. Open to suggestions.


See you all then.



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