Re: [RISC-V] [software] Al Stone approved as UNIX Platform TG Chair

Arun Thomas

On 8/20/20, 7:02 PM, "Al Stone" <ahs3@...> wrote:

As a very first step, does there currently exist an approved charter
and/or plan for the UNIX platform task group?

There's a very brief statement in the member's area of

Charter: manage the UNIX-class platform specification. This working
group will start by defining a subset of this platform specification
that both allows compatibility with existing implementations
and extensibility for the future needs.

This seems a bit too brief, and maybe not much of a plan. Following
on with our conversation during the last meeting, do we need to write
something up and get it agreed to, at least amongst ourselves?
Hi Al,

That is the current Platform TG charter, but you can certainly revise it, add more detail, and broaden the scope. You can also roll out your own roadmap for future Platform work.


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