Re: [RISC-V] [software] Al Stone approved as UNIX Platform TG Chair


I think it is supposed to be in Groups.IO The description in the front page there is sparse:

Remember from our meeting we'd like to revise the Platform group to include but not limited to the following topics even if you don't get to some of them right away:

- other OSs (maybe the name must change to Platform)
- Multi-processing (on and off chip)
- Virtual machines and Hypervisors
- Jits
- IOMMU, busses
- distro outreach and coordination
- overlays
- bootloaders
- Interrupt and Exception Vectors and handlers
- Virtual memory and memory model

So everything running in or tightly couples with code below U and HU modes.

Items may have corresponding teams in the PRIV group. It is ok to say that another group handles the Platform portions but you should make sure to provide oversight and representation (I don't know if it is a good example but virtual memory may fall here) and document that somewhere.

You can also choose to say there is nothing to do (but please document that somewhere). As said before you can choose to do something later but please develop a list and publish it on or github or the CTO drive on google (stephano and I can help on location and format)

When you arrive at a new Charter please send it to TSC. To my knowledge we don't currently have a process for approving Charter revisions but I will  find out what is expected.


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