Re: Agenda for 24 Sep 2020 Platform Spec Meeting 8AM PST


On Tue, 2020-09-22 at 10:02 -0600, Al Stone wrote:
Some key items to note: we will be experimenting with Google Meet
meeting to improve inclusivity; that means the Zoom meeting will NOT
be used.
I updated the subject to include the time (8AM PST). I also updated the
calendar invite. So everybody's calendar should be updated with the
google meet link instead of Zoom.

FYI: The calendar in is not maintained. Instead, the
foundation meetings are updated here.

Second, I think we need to step up the meeting cadence -- weekly vs
bi-weekly. Opinions appreciated.

Third, PRs (Pull Requests on github) vs patches on the mailing list?
Or both? Again, opinions will be appreciated. The goal is to start
accumulating content for the spec quickly.

If there's something else you'd like to discuss, let me know on list
or during the meeting.

Platform Spec Task Group Agenda: 24 Sep 2020
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Old Business
1. Rename to OSPS (revisit)
2. Proposed scope/charter [1] (revisit)

Today's Topics
1. Meeting cadence: weekly?
2. github master -> main (riscv/riscv-platform-specs) (new)
3. SBI PMU extension (new)
4. SBI Reset extension (new)
5. PR#3: Housekeeping (new)
6. PR vs mailing list vs both (new)

Open Floor
1. Anything? No.

[0] Recording: TBD



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