Re: Platform Spec meeting times


On Mon, 2020-09-28 at 09:52 -0600, Al Stone wrote:
During the last Platform Spec meeting, the consensus was to meet on
a weekly basis for a while. I know it's almost impossible to get a
good time or day for everyone, but we can try to get something in the
reasonable category.

Please fill out the survey here:

and let me know what works. I've tried to select times and days that
are not too full.

Wednesday 8AM PST may not work as tech-chairs meetings are scheduled on
that slot. I was recently made aware of that while setting up
hypervisor syncup call. They are on a different calendar for some

Here is the leadership calendar for RISC-V: (I don't see any events for
next months now though)

And here are the groups:

For now, the next meeting is Thursday, October 8th. We'll see if the
survey has a clear enough answer to move this up.

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